Reimagining the school system: Centering children, families, and teachers

Guest interviewer Lev Moscow joins Jon in conversation with Santiago Taveras, principal of Charter High School for Computer Engineering and Innovation and former deputy chancellor of the NYC Department of Education. Santi talks about false assumptions that school systems make about teachers, students, and parents. He discusses why so much professional development wastes teachers’ time, why college for all is a misguided target, and why so much DOE money gets misspent.


00:00-01:03 Intros

01:03-02:08 DOE system changes over time

02:08-03:24 Who has benefited from changes?

03:24-05:31 System’s assumptions about teachers

05:31-07:37 Assumptions about students

07:37-10:27 Purpose of school systems—what schools can/could be like

10:27-14:51 College prep and CTE 

14:51-16:07 Post-secondary education doesn’t have to be college

16:07-18:47 Assumptions about parents

18:47-24:13 Why does the system fail despite dedicated adults?

24:13-27:49 Why change is so difficult—examples from professional development, scheduling

27:49-30:15 Impact of business interests

30:15-32:50 Budgeting rigidities (and patronage)

32:50-43:37 Overrated, underrated? Charters, tech in classroom, sports & arts, small schools?


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear