We speak with Elizabeth Steiner, education policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, about diversifying the K-12 teacher workforce. Data consistently shows the benefits, especially to Black and Latiné students, of learning from teachers of color. Ms. Steiner discusses recruitment strategies advocated by teachers of color and other educators and researchers.


00:-00-00:42 Intros

00:42-01:47 Diversifying the teacher workforce—why it’s important

01:47-04:50 Top recommended  recruitment strategies

04:50-06:13 Benefits of diverse workforce

06:13-08:00 Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority Alliance District Teacher Loan Subsidy Program

08:00-11:09 Principal training in recruiting, hiring, retaining a diverse workforce

11:09-13:53 Stress and morale

13:53-16:38 Responses to pandemic environments

16:38-17:25 Positive supports during pandemic

17:25-19:56 Effects of low morale

19:56-22:26 Strategies to improve teacher wellbeing

22:26-26:24 Reducing bias in hiring practices

26:24- Outro


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