Undocumented students: Keeping secrets, navigating obstacles

Dr. Gerardo Mancilla, associate professor in the School of Education at Edgewood College and host of Educators and Immigration podcast, reflects on his experiences as an undocumented student in the ‘90s. We discuss what has changed, and what hasn’t.


00:00-00:40 Intros

00:40-09:15 Experiences as an undocumented student

09:15-12:03 Changes for undocumented students since the 1990s

12:05-14:49 Status of Dreamers (DACA)

15:00-18:24 Key issues for undocumented high school seniors

18:24-20:35 ID issues for entry into school buildings

20:35-24:33 Support for trauma-affected immigrant students

24:33-27:53 School as a center for immigrant support within the community

27:53-33:23 Educators and Immigration podcast

33:23- Outro


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Educators and Immigration Podcast

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