We speak with Lian Zeitz, co-founder of the Climate Mental Health Network, which promotes wellness in light of the climate crisis. According to a recent survey, 70% of young people are fearful for their future due to climate change. Teachers can foster wellness by interweaving insights into their curricula, and by instilling habits of hope and resilience. The Climate Mental Health Network prioritizes input from students, working with a Gen Z advisory board.


00:00-00:37 Intros

00:37-02:49 Climate anxiety: what it is and how it is affecting young people

02:49-04:04 “To heal the planet, we have to collectively heal ourselves”

04:04-06:22 When is anxiety about a real threat healthy and when not?

06:22-06:39 Components of wellness

06:39-08:33 How teachers can foster wellness with students

08:33-11:11 Integrating SEL and mental health dimensions, including climate mental health into mainstream curriculum

11:11-13:59 How Climate Mental Health Network supports teachers and administrators

13:59-17:01 K-12 environmental justice curriculum in Califortnia

17:01-19:48 Whole school mental health transformation

19:48-23:04 Gen Z leadership roles

23:04-25:50 Non-medical-centered model

25:50-28:32 Learning from Indigeneous communities without co-optation

28:32-30:47 Individual choices and promotion of wellness

30:47-33:10 How students’ different life experiences have an impact on their degree of climate threat and on ways of supporting them

33:10- Outro


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The Climate Mental Health Network website