“Parents’ rights” campaigns: Targeting school books and curricula

Dr. Melissa Deckman, CEO of PRRI, Public Religion Research Institute, analyzes current “parents’ rights” campaigns and their precedents. At a time of demographic change, conservative Christians seek to ban books and curricula that conflict with their educational agenda. Dr. Deckman discusses the use of social media and the importance of where people get their news in shaping these battles. PRRI’s polling data show what parents and the public think about school issues.


00:00-00:58 Intros

00:58-07:00 Demands of “parental rights” activists

07:00-09:32 Historical “parental rights” campaigns

09:32-11:00 Relationship of campaigns to weakening funding or support for public schools

11:00-12:49 Parents’ opinions about these campaigns

12:49-14:30 Role of Fox News and social media in campaigns

14:30-15:38 Social media use by activists opposing these campaigns

15:38-22:42 Relationship of these campaigns to race and racism

22:42-23:31 Impact of demographic change

23:31-25:22 Are these “winning issues:” for candidates?

25:22-25:56 Why issues will continue

25:56-27:43 PRRI’s work and how people can access it

27:43- Outro


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Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) website

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