Creating the conditions: Sustaining “caring for” education

We speak with Chris Lehmann, founding principal of Science Leadership Academy, inquiry-driven and project-based schools in Philadelphia. The academic model centers inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection. Students take English, science, and history as a cohort, allowing for interdisciplinary understanding. Systems and structures ensure there is time for teachers to build relationships with students, and create the basis for the schools to survive beyond the founders. 


00:00-00:28 Intros

00:32-01:51 Characteristics of Science Leadership Academy

01:51-04:16 Building collaboration among disciplines; looping

04:16-06:55 21st Century citizens

06:55-08:53 Instilling “engagement” as a citizenship quality

08:53-11:37 Integrating employment-related skills into education for citizenship

11:37-14:24 Role of technology

14:24-16:58 “Caring for” vs. “Caring about”

16:58-18:09 Scheduling systemic care

18:09-19:38 Discussing ethics in the classroom

19:38-22:44 Sustainability beyond the founders

22:44-26:01 Recruiting, preparing, supporting teachers

26:01-26:58 Schools should be transformative for teachers as well as students

26:58-30:16 What makes SLA model applicable in both choice and general admission schools

30:16- Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear