Celebrating students’ “superpowers”: What tests can’t measure

We speak with Dr. Peter Hughes, superintendent of New Jersey’s Cresskill School District, an affluent New York City suburb with large Korean and Israeli communities, about respecting disparate cultures while centering individual students’ interests, talents, and needs. We discuss effective means of communicating with bicultural parents and inclusive strategic planning. How can schools prepare students for joyful futures where they also serve others and are impactful on the world around them? 


00:00-00:16 Intros

00:16-01:47 Cresskill demographics

01:47-03:31 Engaging with parents in a multilingual community

03:31-05:04 Cultural differences in families’ relationships with the schools

05:04-07:32 Special education classification

07:32-12:09 What are parents looking for?

12:09-13:54 Stresses and issues for young people in a wealthy/professional community

13:54-17:51 Project-based learning and assessment

17:51-20:50 Incorporating ethics and “citizenship” in the classroom

20:50-26:09 Should schools instill values?

26:09-28:23 Making a difference

28:23-29:56 Student passions and “more inclusive vision of what students can do and bring to this world”

29:56-32:47 District’s education budget

32:47- Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear 

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