We speak with Dave Crenshaw, founder and coach of Team Dreamers NY in Washington Heights; Blanca Battino, retired principal of PS 128; and Dr. Robert Fullilove, professor and associate dean at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Team Dreamers is a life-changing out-of-school-time program. Deeply embedded in the community, it builds leadership and mutual support among students. Dr. Fullilove’s public health interns serve as mentors and role models while they learn from the youth and their families.


00:00-01:04 Intros

01:04-02:54 Team Dreamers and its activities

02:54-03:59 Blanca Battino and Coach Dave

03:59-06:49 Dr. Bob Fulllilove and Coach Dave

06:49-08:43 Strategies for working with challenging youth

08:43-11:17 Building trust as a Black man in a Dominican neighborhood

11:17-13:50 Collaboration on public health during the pandemic

13:50-16:17 Broader lessons for public health

16:17-19:20 Impact on public health students

19:20-21:41 Network of support/Alumni and Teammate Association

21:41-25:46 Lessons for educators from collaboration with Coach Dave

25:46-28:23 Field trips

28:23- Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear