Drs. Katherine Norris and  Kathryn Wiley, colleagues at Howard University’s School of Education, speak about obstacles to recruiting and retaining teachers and increasing diversity. Money matters, but even more, so does ending discrimination. “Racial battle fatigue” is pervasive among Black teachers.


00:00-00:58 Intros
00:58-02:44 Factors contributing to teacher shortage
02:44-08:15 American Teacher Act: what’s in it and what’s not
08:15-10:56 Adopting the DC social studies standards; overcoming pushback
10:56-13:06 History of curriculum battles, “Color in the Classroom: How American Schools Taught Race,” by Zoe Berkholder
13:06-17:39 Acute shortage of Black teachers
17:39-21:59 Brian Jones’s criticism of Geoffrey Canada around charter schools
21:59-26:13 Derek Black’s analysis of the attack on public education as such; importance of public schools as a necessity for democracy and as a place students have a right to be
26:13-28:05 What is needed to get bills like American Teacher Act expanded and passed
28:05-28:57 Scarcity of Black administrators and their importance
28:57-29:46 Need to end workplace discrimination and the need to support teachers
29:46-30:22 Teaching Profession Playbook as a resource
30:22- Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear