We speak with Jamie Woodhouse, UK educator and thought leader on sentientism.  An ethical worldview informed by evidence, reason, and compassion, sentientism prioritizes the well-being of humans and animals other than human. We discuss strategies for introducing sentientism in the classroom, the questions students ask, and ways teachers can incorporate sentientism in the curriculum.


00:00-00:32 Intros

00:33-02:09 Definition of  Sentientism

02:09-05:11 History of Sentientism

05:11-7:59 Do we know who/what are sentient?

7:59-10:39 Are plants sentient?

10:39-11:55 Does sentientism take future generations into account?

11:55-15:23 Sentientism and veganism

15:23-21:00 Relationship of sentientism to hunting and fishing cultures

21:00-22:39 Sentientism and helping sentient beings to thrive

22:39-27:02 Sentientism and climate change

27:02-30:24 What should teachers know about sentientism?

30:24-35:09 Are children naturally compassionate or does that need to be taught?

35:09-39:14 Questions students ask

39:14-41:20 How students can incorporate sentientism into their actions

41:20-43:34 Sentientism as a “movement”

43:34- Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear