We speak with Megan M. Conklin, who designs and implements professional development for substitutes in Washington state. Substitutes often don’t receive the support and compensation they deserve. Ms. Conklin’s union-backed program teaches subs classroom survival skills and advocates for equity among school staff members.


00:00-00:37 Intros

00:37-04:44 Why Megan Conklin has chosen to be a substitute

04:44-07:19 Major issues subs face

07:19-11:13 Structure and culture of Megan Conklin’s program

11:13-16:59 What a sub should do if thrown into a situation without support

16:59-17:34 Keeping a light-hearted mindset

17:34-19:47 What students want in a sub

19:47-21:46 What it’s like as a long-term sub

21:46-23:10 Pay scales

23:10-24:39 Effects of using classroom teachers to cover classes

24:39-26:34 Sub support programs in other states?

28:27-30:13 Differences in support among Washington districts

30:13-31:21 Supporting paraprofessionals and other marginalized groups in education

31:21- Outro


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Megan Conklin’s website

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Image: instagram.com/conklineducationalperspectives