We speak with Soledad Hiciano, executive director of Community Association of Progressive Dominicans (ACDP), a multi-service community organization in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. She describes the challenges of supporting children who may have experienced multiple traumas, including homelessness and the deportation of close relatives.

Photo by Bruce Warrington


For more information about Soledad Hiciano and Acacia Network, go to acacianetwork.org.


00:00-01:18 Introductions

01:19-06:16 Impact of immigration and deportation policies on young people and families

06:17-07:45 Capacity of schools and after-school programs to deal with trauma’s effects

07:46-15:11 ACDP programs

15:12-20:17 Segregation in NYC schools and its impact on students

20:18-27:45 Teachers and communities; charter schools and public schools; collaborations between charters and Dept of Ed (DOE) schools

27:46-31:13 English language learners and their needs

31:14-35:59 UPK, salary differences between DOE and community-based programs

36:00-39:53 Department of Youth and Community Development—NYC out-of-school-time programs

39:54-48:06 Professionalizing after-school youth work

48:07-51:26 ACDP and Acacia Network

51:27-53:54 Immigrant communities responding to the current challenges

53:55-54:45 Outro


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