We speak with Adjoa Jones de Almeida, Director of Education at the Brooklyn Museum. We discuss the significance of “art as experience.” Ms. Jones de Almeida describes art’s transformational power to educate and empower students of all ages, both personally and politically. The Museum partners with teachers across the academic spectrum and works to include diverse families and communities.


To know more about the Education programs at the Brooklyn Museum, visit brooklynmuseum.org/education


00:00-01:20 Intros

01:21-04:47 Significance of art to John Dewey and Dewey’s influence on Adjoa’s work

04:47-10:01 Paolo Freire’s influence

10:01-17:34 Art as an aesthetic experience; art everywhere, not only in museums

17:34-21:56 Everyday experiences as aesthetic experiences; class and art education

21:56-27:42 Brooklyn Museum and redefining concepts of high art

27:42-30:20 Role of museums in arts education

30:20-36:56 Brooklyn Museum’s work with public school teachers

36:56-38:45 Outro


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