ChatGTP: Cheating optimizer or force for teaching transformation?

We speak with Lev Moscow and Richard Miller, veteran high school teachers, about the panic around the release of chatGPT. The AI tool produces respectable essays that students can pass off as their own. The best teachers already focus on process, and chatGPT could force all schools to change their approach.


00:00-00:34 Intros

00:34-01:38 First reaction to ChatGBT?

01:38-03:37 Influence on teaching

03:37-05:54 Challenges and opportunities

05:54-14:47 Examples of reimagining education to engage students and avoid  pitfalls of chatbots

14:47-17:13 Structuring essays, research skills, JSTOR

17:13-19:30 Kids getting over

19:30-21-23 Some benefits of chatbots for teaching essay writing

21:23-22:58 Cheating before chatbots

22:58-25:50 Impact of technology; Neil Postman, David Graeber , Keynes

25:50-27:06 Financial impacts of  chatbots on teachers’ jobs

27:06-28:48 De-skilling,, non-fungible ideas

28:48-31:15 Ways teachers could use chatbots to assist students with essays

31:15-35:31 Role of homework, quizzes, classroom discussion

35:31-36:53 How language classes could use language in community settings

36:53-49:31 Mechanics of detecting cheating with chatbots or otherwise

49:31-44:28 Additional examples of engaging students

44:28- Outro


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Soundtrack by Poddington Bear. Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash.